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This is my lucky Second Act!  After 33 years in real estate, I decided to start singing, performing and songwriting.  Since 2018, I’ve been on an extraordinary journey performing in D.C., Maryland and Virginia at jazz clubs and local venues.  I have also performed in New Orleans, Florida and New York. And Abroad in France, Croatia, Sweden, Panama and Italy. I had the great honor to collaborate with Dave Marsh, bassist, on my first original tune “Shaking Off the Dust” in 2018.

  And now with Felipe Paccagnella, pianist, in the writing and video production of 9 original titles and many more to come!

At this point in my life, everything is possible because of the love and support from my family and friends. Join me on this extraordinary JOURNEY! It’s so much FUN!

2020 October

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Walk to Freedom

Walking where Harriet Tubman walked is amazing! 

Album Releases

Don’t You Dare”, released in 2018, includes all original contemporary music, “Come Home for Christmas”, released 2019, includes your favorite Christmas standards in jazzy style. “Little Drummer Boy” and “My Favorite Things” are creative arrangements you’ll love.  “Shaking Off the Dust”, released 2020 includes original music and jazz standards with tunes sung in English and Portuguese.

Don't Dare

Shaking Off the Dust

Come Home for Christmas

Single Releases

Chopins Clouds”, released in 2020, “Klumsy – He Will Find Me”, released 2019.  “Shaking Off the Dust”, released 2020. “Wondrously Made”, released in 2020,

Chopins Clouds

He Will Find Me

Shaking Off the Dust

Wondrously Made

Jazzy New Life Host

My Jazzy New Life. Sharing my life and love for music with the people who bring me joy!

Lock the Door

This is my 3rd original song. Finding love again in my senior years was amazing! It is something you just have to write about, sing about and share!

This is me

This is my act two.
After a long career in real state I have found my true purpose.

Don't Dare

This video is about the horrible separation that has been going on with the current administration policy when it comes to immigration. Families are still being separated and there is no way to reunite several of the children that were separated from their parents. Families should be reunited

Little Bird

Written by Linda D. Harris and Felipe Paccagnella.
Produced by Felipe Paccagnella

Nice and Easy Jazz Festival 2019

This is a performance of the jazz standard “Nice and Easy” by Linda D. Harris and her group.
This video features:
Felipe Paccagnella – Piano   Douglas Lira – Saxophone
Donald Tillery – Trumpet   Gero Vieira – Guitar
David Jernigan – Bass   Chuck Ferrell – Drums

Killing me Softly

This song is performed by Linda D. Harris and her band at the mid-atlantic Jazz Festival in DC.
The song features:
Felipe Paccagnella – Piano   Douglas Lira – Saxophone
Donald Tillery – Trumpet   Gero Vieira – Guitar
David Jernigan – Bass   Chuck Ferrell – Drums

Awake To Thunder

A song for my father. He loved God, his faith, his family, and his guitar! Can you hear it?

Girl Talk

Linda D. Harris and Light Switch Band at Mid Atlantic Jazz Club festival in 2020.